25 - 27 September, 2017 | Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

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Fast Track Your Attendance

Fast Track Your Attendance

Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Download our Attendee Snapshot to find out who you can expect to meet and learn from at the 2017 Pre-Approval Access Programs.... Read More

Attendee ROI Tool Kit

Attendee ROI Tool Kit | Pre-Approval Access Program Fast track your attendance with our event overview, benefits of attending, justification letter, registration form,... Read More

Registration Form

Registration Form | Pre-Approval Access Program Book your seat at Pre-Approval Access Program September 25-27, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA... Read More

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content

Right to Try At-A-Glance

Do terminally ill patients have the Right To Try? Get a big picture overview of this debate and the implications of recently introduced... Read More

2nd Early Access Programs Guide Book

Early Access Programs Guide Book 2nd Edition | Pre-Approval Access Program Check out Pharma IQ's latest Early Access Programs Regulatory Handbook that highlights the key regulatory requirements across the EU and NA you need to know about before you start planning your next Pre-Approval Access Program.... Read More

Progression of Pre-Approval Access in the U.S.

View the progression of pre-approval access programs in the United States.... Read More

Top 6 Factors When Forecasting Strategy

Pharmaceutical specialists, Dr. Carlos R. Camozzi and Ramana Sonty spoke to Pharma IQ in regards to the top 6 factors to consider in an early access programme planning... Read More

2017 Speaker Lineup

View our all-star speaker lineup for the 2017 Pre-Approval Access Program Summit!... Read More

EAP: Challenges and Considerations

EAP: Challenges and Considerations | Pre-Approval Access Program Jose Ricardo Perez from Novartis, highlights the considerations for someone looking to develop a new... Read More

Facing The Ethical Minefield: EAP

Facing The Ethical Minefield: EAP | Pre-Approval Access Program Arthur Caplan, from NYU Langone talks about running a successful Early Access ... Read More

Simplified CT Supply Chain

Simplified CT Supply Chain | Pre-Approval Access Program We have identified the top five challenge areas that Biotechs and Pharma companies face when it comes down to managing clinical trial supply chains.... Read More

Maximizing ROI Within CT Supply

Maximizing ROI Within Clinical Trial Supply | Pre-Approval Access Program This Pharma IQ infographic highlights key methods to maximize returns within clinical trial supply.... Read More

Forecasting Global Supply Chain

Forecasting Considerations for Global Supply Chain | Pre-Approval Access Program As identified by Dr. Roberto Torres (1) in a recent article, a high level of potential drugs fail to reach the market during clinical trials – which can incur large financial losses. Alongside a lack of efficacy, safety or economics, both poor clinical trial... Read More

Innovation in Clinical Trial Supply

Innovation in Clinical Trial Supply | Pre-Approval Access Program As drug development has been evolving over the past few the clinical supply chain must ensure the right drugs get to the right... Read More